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Trains_and_RailroadCanadian National F7-model No.9120 Canadian National established a terminal in Montreal on an eastern shore of Isle Royale projecting into the St.Lawrence River, named Point St.Charles 1955$20.00TR3343 
Trains_and_RailroadSouthern Pacific's GS-4 No.4451 bounding right out of Third & Townsend, San Francisco, in the early 1950's$20.00TR1985 
Trains_and_RailroadSouthern Pacific GS-4 class 4-8-4 No.4456 bring train No.71, the lowly COAST MAIL, past the San Jose, California, roundhouse on the last lap of it's run from Los Angeles to San Francisco$20.00TR1978 
Trains_and_RailroadWestern Pacific's eastbound Freight, No.903, works it's tonnage past the Oroville depot on a bygone morning in January 1942$20.00TR2263 
Trains_and_RailroadLess than a year old, Santa Fe ALCO passenger set number 56 makes a rare appearance on the famed SUPER CHIEF as it heads eastbound train No.18 accross the monumental Canyon Diablo bridge and straight into the morning sun. It is the spring of 1948$20.00TR1670 
Trains_and_RailroadSouthern Pacific train No. 28, the eastbound "San Francisco Overland", climbs up toward the summit on it's daylight crossing of the famous mountain range, October, 1950$20.00TR2142 
Trains_and_RailroadSanta Fe's No.1010 2-6-2. The Santa Fe began to assemble it's fleet of 2-6-2's comprising 238 engines$20.00TR1745 
Trains_and_RailroadThe Kansas City Southern SOUTHERN BELLE which departed Kansas City at 10:00 AM, and ran into New Orleans - Siloam Springs, Arkansas in June 1961$20.00TR2930 
Trains_and_RailroadOriginal built as the NEWARK and was launched in 1877, rebuilt in 1908 and then as the SACRAMENTO in 1923$10.00TR2251 
Trains_and_RailroadSouthern Pacific's combination baggage-coach #3176, dress-up here at Tracy, California, on July 4, 1956$10.00TR2244 
Trains_and_RailroadSix Electo-motive Division F-T diesel unit sets, Barstow, California, diesel shop provide a background$20.00TR1639 
Trains_and_RailroadThe afternoon of June 13, 1946, saw WESTERN PACIFIC FT locomotive #905, 905A B, C spotted on the Southern Pacific drill track in downtown Elko, Nevada 1946$20.00TR2261 
Trains_and_RailroadDiesels of the ESPEE Volume one: ALCO PA'S compiled by Roger M. Cortani, text by Gordon Lloyd Jr., and Joseph A. Strapac - Chatham Publishing Company 1975$40.00TR2171 
Trains_and_RailroadHere the westbound CALIFORNIA ZEPHYR is climbing the 2% grade up the steep slope just north of Plainview$20.00TR2889 
Trains_and_RailroadThe eleven cars of the westbound IDAHOAN No.11 are an easy load for UNION PACIFIC No.817 in 1953$20.00TR3145 
Trains_and_RailroadRio Grande class L-131 2-8-8-2 #67320 pauses in Minturn, Colorado, with a freight on August 15, 1954$10.00TR3279 
Trains_and_RailroadCentral Pacific No.1, the GOVERNOR STANFORD, was built in November or December of 1862 by Richard Norris and Sons in Philadelphia, PA.$35.00TR1601 
Trains_and_RailroadROCK ISLAND LINES "THE ROCKET" GM-EMD F-7 units - 1952 $20.00TR2917 
Trains_and_RailroadSimultaneous World's Fairs in New York and San Franciso in 1939 caused the Rio Grande's PANORAMIC to be renamed EXPOSITION FLYER$20.00TR3246 
Trains_and_Railroad1890-1970 GREAT EVENT - The Sugar Cane Train, The Lahaina-Kaanapali & Pacific Railroad, Maui, Hawaii Visit the lusty olde whaling town of LAHAINA, Relish the sun, surf and sand of KAANAPALI, 1970$150.00TR3370A

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