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Trains_and_RailroadGreat Northern Railway EMD E-7 diesel units, with No.504 in the lead$20.00TR3216B
Trains_and_RailroadNorthern Pacific's NORTH COAST LIMITED with GM-EMD F-7 model is at the head shows the newest NORTH COAST LIMITED in 1958$20.00TR3217 
Trains_and_RailroadGreat Northern's N-3 2-8-8-0 No.2012 on this September day in 1951, the No.2012 had just left the shops in Hillyard Yard in Spokane, Washington$20.00TR3217 
Trains_and_RailroadIn late 1954, Northern Pacific introduced Budd-built Vista-Dome service to the Northwest on it's transcontinental NORTH COAST LIMITED between Chicago and the Pacific Coast$20.00TR3217 
Trains_and_RailroadFour years after the last 4-8-4 arrived, seven 3-unit GM-EMD F3-model diesel-electric locomotives took over the NORTH COAST$20.00TR3218 
Trains_and_RailroadNORTH COAST LIMITED with GM-EMD F3-model is at the head of the 16-car NORTH COAST, compriised mostly of pre World War II heavyweight equipment is seen here rolling eastbound past Lake Cocolalla$20.00TR3220 
Trains_and_RailroadNorthern Pacific No.25, the westbound "North Coast Limited" pauses at Billings, Montana, in it's 1952 color scheme$20.00TR3222 
Trains_and_RailroadGreat Northern GM-EMD GP-type SD7 Road-switcher 1952-1953$20.00TR3223 
Trains_and_RailroadNorthern Pacific GE U33C-model units Eastbound Freight, paused at Missoula, Montana - July 1969$20.00TR3223 
Trains_and_RailroadGreat Northern Railroad's EMPIRE BUILDER - headed by GM-EMD SD45-model date 1967$15.00TR3225 
Trains_and_RailroadF7-model No.5601 in the 1952 color scheme of orange-yellow and silver with black striping$20.00TR3235C
Trains_and_RailroadThis portrait of the Denver & Rio Grande ROYAL GORGE shows it at the midpoint of it's career, in the summer of 1957$20.00TR3236 
Trains_and_RailroadThe Denver & Rio Grande Western's PROSPECTOR was a business-man's train running between Salt Lake City and Denver on an over-night schedule. In the year of this photograph, 1952$20.00TR3237 
Trains_and_RailroadRio Grande Freight replacement of the big articulateds with 4-unit Diesel-electric this picture three units of 554 are seen pulling an extra freight a few miles west 1944 $20.00TR3238 
Trains_and_RailroadRIO GRANDE EMD F-T diesel unit set Nos.542 and 550 rest in Denver, Colorado on February 15, 1948$20.00TR3240 
Trains_and_RailroadDENVER & RIO GRANDE EMD F-T diesel eastbound EXPOSTION FLYER is a pictorial rarity: thus this color view of the train, posed 1 1/2 miles east of the Moffat Tunnel's eastern entrance not sure of the date but it is prior to 1948$20.00TR3241 
Trains_and_RailroadDenver & Rio Grande EXPOSITION FLYER scene here is GM-EMD F3-model locomotive 553 delivered in 1946 $10.00TR3244 
Trains_and_RailroadSimultaneous World's Fairs in New York and San Franciso in 1939 caused the Rio Grande's PANORAMIC to be renamed EXPOSITION FLYER$20.00TR3246 
Trains_and_RailroadDenver & Rio Grande CALIFORNIA ZEPHYR taken on September 13, 1956, shows the eastbound CALIFORNIA ZEPHYR pulling into Grande Junction Union station $10.00TR3247A
Trains_and_RailroadThe Denver & Rio Grande YAMPA VALLEY, named after the board valley of the Yampa River through which the train ran between Steamboat Springs and Craig, Colorado$20.00TR3248 

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