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Trains_and_RailroadUNION PACIFIC "City of Los Angeles" UP units Nos. 931A and 956A at the head of the westbound CITY OF LOS ANGELES, Shown here leaving the North Terminal in Chicago in September 1947$20.00TR3126 
Trains_and_RailroadUNION PACIFIC "City of Los Angeles" portrayed in this picture (and that of the following section) represented deluxe long-distance, High-speed railroad travel at it's zenith$20.00TR3128 
Trains_and_RailroadActually, the "Domeliner" shown in this 1961 photograph at Gilcrest, Colorado, is the combined "City of Denver" and "City of Portland"$20.00TR3130 
Trains_and_RailroadThe presence of three dome-observation cars in the formation identify it as a post-1955 "Domeliner" successor to the "Steamlines" title by which UP's "City-Train" fleet had been known for two decades$20.00TR3132 
Trains_and_RailroadThe CITY OF ST.LOUIS, despite it's designation as a "Domeliner" followed the inclusion of two domecars in it's formation in 1956$20.00TR3133 
Trains_and_RailroadUnion Pacific train No. 9, the westbound CITY OF ST.LOUIS, crosses over the eastbound track at Curvo, Utah, on June 7, 1967$20.00TR3136 
Trains_and_RailroadOne of Union Pacific's Domeliners, "CITY OF PORTLAND" travels eastbound in the Columbia River Gorge about 50 miles east of Portland$20.00TR3137 
Trains_and_RailroadIn this scene the westbound Union Pacific's CITY OF PORTLAND is streaking along the north shore of the lake just west of Soda Spring behind a trio of powerful GM-EMD E7 diesel-electric motive-power units$20.00TR3137 
Trains_and_RailroadAfter 1955 the UP added dome-observation lounge cars to it's CITY TRAINS fleet so passengers could see the trackside scenery far better and in greater comfort than ever before. One of them was attached to the CITY OF PORTLAND$20.00TR3138 
Trains_and_RailroadUnion Pacific ALCO #600 "City of St.Louis"$20.00TR3140 
Trains_and_RailroadUnion Pacific ALCO #600 "City of St.Louis" on the Kansas line 1955$20.00TR3141 
Trains_and_RailroadIn this photograph three of the F-M rarieties, number 656, 653B, and 651, are pulling a passenger train, the eastbound Union Pacific's PONY EXPRESS through Rainbow Canyon south of Caliente, Nevada$20.00TR3144 
Trains_and_RailroadThe eleven cars of the westbound IDAHOAN No.11 are an easy load for UNION PACIFIC No.817 in 1953$20.00TR3145 
Trains_and_RailroadUnion Pacific's CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO Here it's sitting on the C&NW Streamliner Servicing Ramp in Chicago resting before it's daily afternoon departure in 1946$20.00TR3148 
Trains_and_RailroadThree UNION PACIFIC Giants at Green River, Wyoming in 1952$20.00TR3149 
Trains_and_RailroadUnion Pacific "Big Blow" No.13 Gas-Turbine leaves Ogden, Utah, with an east-bound freight in September, 1960$20.00TR3150 
Trains_and_RailroadFive Union Pacific units and a lone N&W U-Boat, lead by No.5010, are nearing North Platte$20.00TR3152 
Trains_and_RailroadTwo of Union Pacific's massive 6900 'Centennial' engines descend down the famous Cajon Pass toward San Bernardino, California$20.00TR3153 
Trains_and_RailroadThis locomotive was designed by Union Pacific's #9086 4-12-2 and built by the American Locomotive Co.$20.00TR3154A
Trains_and_RailroadThe last 4-6-6-4 type locomotive received by the Union Pacific Railroad was the No. 3949 "Challenger" type.$20.00TR3157 

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