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Trains_and_RailroadPassengers aboard the eastbound CHIEF of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway passed through three times as many tunnels shown in this picture, were located in Southern California on the new segment of track laid on the southern flank of Cajon Pass north of San Bernardino$20.00TR1674 
Trains_and_RailroadThe eastbound Santa Fe's SAN FRANCISCO CHIEF is pictured ascending the western slope of the Continental crest near Wingate, New Mexico$20.00TR1675 
Trains_and_RailroadTran No.123, Santa-Fe's westbound GRANDE CANYON, approaching the west siding switch at Summit - November 16, 1963$20.00TR1680 
Trains_and_RailroadSANTA FE Fast Mail from Chicago to Los Angeles - Near Kingsman, Arizona - June 1967$30.00TR1684 
Trains_and_RailroadTEXAS CHIEF/special train transporting football enthusiasts from Oklahoma City to Dallas$20.00TR1688 
Trains_and_RailroadThe Santa Fe's GRAND CANYON, a leisurely train which in it's earlier years stopped at Fred Harvey's dinning rooms along it's route, departed Chicago's Dear Station at 11:00 A.M. and rolled through Lamont, 25 miles out, close to 11:30 A.M.$20.00TR1692 
Trains_and_RailroadThe train in this picture is the northbound Santa-Fe's GOLDEN GATE, an interesting operation which provided San Francisco-Los Angeles$20.00TR1695 
Trains_and_RailroadThe westbound SAN FRANCISCO CHIEF has just emerged from the shorter tunnel, and the longer one is about tree miles farther ahead. Early 1960$20.00TR1701 
Trains_and_RailroadThe climb over California's Tehachapi Mountains was one of the scenic highlights on the route of Santa Fe's SAN FRANCISCO CHIEF$20.00TR1705 
Trains_and_RailroadJust 35 minutes from it's arrival in San Diego, Santa Fe's SAN DIEGON 1964$20.00TR1710 
Trains_and_RailroadThe two locomotives ALCO-GE's, with a three-car railfan special, are seen in this picture taken atop Cajon Pass in the early 1964$20.00TR1713 
Trains_and_RailroadSanta-Fe's two locomotives ALCO-GE PA1 model A1A-A1A diesel-electric units to ascend the slopes of Cajon Pass, with a three-car railfan special, are seen in this picture taken February 15, 1964$20.00TR1714 
Trains_and_RailroadThe SANTA FE's eastbound all mail-express as seen here exiting one of the two tunnels on the newer line on the south side of Cajon Pass, California February 27, 1967$20.00TR1717 
Trains_and_RailroadSanta Fe Railway engine terminal at San Bernardino, California. 1946$20.00TR1725 
Trains_and_RailroadSanta Fe No.235C F7 units in freight-colors heads a freight through Central New Mexico in 1056$20.00TR1731 
Trains_and_RailroadSanta Fe engine No.3758 wheels an all heavyweight passenger special into Santa Ana, California, on a warm July 3, 1952$20.00TR1742 
Trains_and_RailroadSanta Fe's 4-8-2's were assigned to territory west of New Mexico, Arizona, and California seen here at Summit, California 1948$20.00TR1743 
Trains_and_RailroadSanta Fe's No.1010 2-6-2. The Santa Fe began to assemble it's fleet of 2-6-2's comprising 238 engines$20.00TR1745 
Trains_and_RailroadSanta Fe Railway's combination locomotive-and-car No.190. Photo date June 5, 1959$15.00TR1754 
Trains_and_Railroadtwo Budd Rail Diesel Cars in the early 1950's Numbered RD-191 and RD-192. This photograph shows the two cars in their original condition, soon after leaving the builder's plant$20.00TR1756 

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