SmallPhotoType of ItemAlternate Type of ItemTitlePriceMovie Posters ID
Lobby Card 11x14 Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...JAWS 2 - Roy Scheider A Zanuch/Brown Production Universal 1978 $50.00MP0258
  JAWS - Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3 - Promotional poster 1983$20.00MP0260
 US Advance 1-sheet 27" x 41" tall - A condition - FoldedDino De Laurentiis presents ORCA starring Richard Harris and Charlotte - Coming this Summer from Paramount Pictures 1977$100.00MP0262
 Promo Poster THE DEEP - to be a 1977 major motion picture by Peter Guber's Filmworks for Columbia Pictures.TERROR MORE FROM THE AUTHOR OF JAWS - THE DEEP - Peter Benchley 1977$60.00MP0263
 Promo Poster - Soon to be a Major Motion Picture - Columbia PicturesIs any treasure worth the terror of... THE DEEP - 1976$100.00MP0264
 US 1-sheet 27" x 41" tall - mint conditionIs anything worth the terror of... THE DEEP - A Columbia/EMI Presentation 1977$250.00MP0265
Insert 14x36 THE ISLAND - A Michael Rithie Film A Zanuck-Brown Production Universal Picture 1980$250.00MP0266
 Promo item unfolded VHS Video display-box 1996 13 3/8" x 18 1/2" tallWilliam Petersen from the best-selling author of JAWS and THE DEEP - Peter Benchley's THE BEAST - Terror runs deep - Universal Picture 1996$40.00MP0267
 US 1-sheet 27" x 40" tall - rolledA Wolfgang Petersen Film THE PERFECT STORM - George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg - Warner Bros 2000$50.00MP0269
 Argentina 1-sheet 29" x 43" tall - Folded been flat for yearsOcean Film presenta: LOS JUSTICIEROS DEL MAR - Una co-produccion Italo-Francesa DOCUMENTO FILM, Roma & LE LOUVRE FILMS, Paris$100.00MP0274
 French 46" x 62" tall - mint Linen-backedWarner Bros presents Burt Lancaster - LE CORSAIRE ROUGE (The Crimson Pirate) 1952$450.00MP0276
 US 1-sheet 27" x 40 1/2" tall - Linen-backed. All the Seas of the World are it's Stage! Gregory Peck & Virginia Mayo "CAPTAIN HORATIO HORNBLOWER" Directed by Raoul Walsh - Presented by Warner Bros. 1951$400.00MP0277
 US 1-sheet 27" x 40 1/2" tall - Folded been flat for years SO Big All the Seas of the World are it's Stage Samuel Bronston presents "JOHN PAUL JONES" - Robert Stack - Directed by John Farrow - A Warner Bros. 1959$400.00MP0278
  SO Big All the Seas of the World are it's Stage Samuel Bronston presents "JOHN PAUL JONES" The Man. A Warner Bros Picture 1959$350.00MP0279
 Lobby Card #1/Title card 11" x 14" wideBURT LANCASTER, KIRK DOUGLAS and LAURENCE OLIVIER in THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLE - 1959$50.00MP0279
 U.S.Half-sheet/Lobby 22" x 28" wide - B conditionA HIGH WIND IN JAMAICA starring Anthony Quinn & James Cobrun - 20th Century-Fox 1965$100.00MP0280
 U.S. Half-sheet/Lobby 22" x 28" wide - b conditionCary Grant as the Pride, Frank Sinatra as the Passion, Sophia Loren as the woman who set them both on Fire! in Stanley Kramer's Monumental Filming of "THE PRIDE AND THE PASSION" - Produced and Directed by Stanley Kramer - United Artists 1957.$100.00MP0280
 US Half-Sheet/Lobby 22" x 28" wide - A conditionDino De Laurentiis presents A Michael Crichton Film THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY starring Sean Connery 1979$100.00MP0280
 U.S.Window card 14" x 22" tall - B condition20th Century-Fox recreates the fantastic world of piracy and high adventure on the High Sea! A HIGH WIND IN JAMAICA - 20th Century-Fox 1065$70.00MP0280
Insert 14x36 The Peak of Motion Picture Making! Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, Sophia Loren in Stanley Kramer's Monumental Filming of "THE PRIDE AND THE PASSION" - Released thru United Artists 1957$250.00MP0280

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